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Whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing, we’re here to help you. Get a competitive interest rate and find the best mortgage product to suit your needs.

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Great rate

Get a great mortgage rate up front guaranteed for 90 days. If our posted rates change during this time, you automatically get the lower rate.

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Dedicated support

Once you have applied for a mortgage, we'll designate a Mortgage Account Manager to help you through the entire process.

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Flexible prepayment options

Ever year you can make lump sum prepayments up to 20% of your original Mortgage amount, allowing you to pay off your mortgage faster.

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If you happen to purchase a new property and sell the existing one, you can take your Mortgage with you penalty-free at your current rate, term and loan amount.


Closed Residential First Mortgages

  6 Months Open6.30%
  1 Year Closed1.95%
  2 Year Closed2.00%
  3 Year Closed2.05%
  4 Year Closed2.85%
  5 Year Closed2.95%
  3 Year Closed - Special1.89%


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Benefits of Taking a Mortgage with the Credit Union

In today’s largely atomized world, it often seems as if we’re dealing with dozens of different vendors for every individual need we have. Sometimes that works. But when it comes to financial services, it’s often a major advantage to have several services from a single provider. A credit union can do that, certainly in a way that a mortgage banker, broker or online mortgage source can’t.

What’s more, it’s generally much easier to get any of those services through an institution you already have a relationship with. For example, if you decide you want a credit card, a credit union already has much of your financial information on record.

One of the advantages in getting a mortgage from a credit union or bank is that you can usually go to the branch if there are any problems during the application process. There are numerous opportunities for something to go wrong along the way. Though lenders often try to fix these problems by phone, email or costly overnight mail, the best solution is often face-to-face contact.

You can do that with a credit union we have local branches. Online mortgage lenders in particular are 100 percent web based. There’s no physical location to go to. If things get really messy—and they can—a face-to-face meeting is often the best way to fix it.

Closed mortgage

A closed mortgage means that there are restrictions and what can be paid towards your loan. A closed mortgage is usually the more popular option considering it carries a lower interest rate. However, the terms of the mortgage may not be as flexible and may hold restrictions.

Advantages of credit union closed-term mortgage

  • Interest rates tend to be lower when compared to open mortgages
  • A better choice if you want to pay off your loan faster
  • The cost of borrowing can end up being less because of lower interest rates
  • The possibility of pre-payment options that will allow you to pay your mortgage quicker
  • Lump sum payments and increasing monthly payment amounts are possible

Open term mortgage

An open mortgage gives the borrower much more flexibility. A borrower will have the freedom to pay down their mortgage in its entirety whenever they choose without fines. 

Advantages of a credit union open mortgage

  • The member has the freedom and flexibility to pay what they want
  • The member does not need to worry about fines if they decide to pay off their loan earlier or refinance.
  • There is no fixed term so if the borrower has some financial uncertainties they will have the freedom to reach maturity faster or refinance if they so choose

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