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Combine Harvesting Fields



Canada's Agriculture and Agri-food Industry is a key driver of the Canadian economy and we want to be there to assist farmers whether it is through borrowing, investing or succession farm management.

We offer a variety of specialized borrowing and financing products.

  • Lines of Credit are available to cover day to day operating expenses and manage seasonal fluctuations in cashflow.
  • Term loans to help finance farm assets such as livestock, and machinery and equipment.
  • Mortgage loans to help expand your operation.

Choose from a variety of payment schedules from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual with amortizationup to 25 years to help manage your cashflow.

Our staff, with over 30 years of experience, are well equipped to provide expertise in all aspects of a farming operation.

Jeff Vandervoort, Senior Account Manager, Commercial & Agricultural Lending

47-1ST Avenue South,
Tel. (519) 363-7351
Fax: (519) 363-7354