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Personal chequing account

A personal chequing account (PCA) is a convenient way to pay bills by issuing your own personalized cheques. When opening an account, you will get a free cheque book consisting of 12 complimentary cheques. Your monthly statements outlining your debits and credits will be mailed out. The PCA bears no interest and the fee for issued cheques (members over 65 years of age are exempted) is much lower than in other financial institutions. Automatic transfer of funds from other accounts to PCA and personal lines of credit can be arranged. PCA accounts are also available in US currency.

Membership share account

This is the account that enables membership in the credit union. The minimum deposit is $100 (10 shares). Dividends are paid on the minimum quarterly balance into the daily interest saving account.

Joint account

An account that can be used by two or more persons. Dividends are paid quarterly on the minimum quarterly balance.

Trust account

A trust account may be opened by any member (a trustee) on behalf of another person (a trustor).

C-Y-S Account

A premium savings account for child, youth and student members up to 25 years of age. The account offers an expanding array of features and benefits through each age segment inclusive of savings, chequing, electronic services, and a specially priced and featured Line of Credit product for Students. A premium rate of interest is paid up to a specified dollar amount. In the child and youth segments the parent or guardian determine the extent of features and benefits applied to the specific account.

Daily interest account

This account is convenient for members who make multiple deposits and withdrawals during the month. Interest is calculated on the minimum daily balance and paid monthly (members over 65 years of age receive an additional bonus interest). A minimum monthly balance of $1,000 kept on the account will eliminate withdrawal charges. This account is also available in US currency.

"Silver" savings account

This account is designed for members who wish to save regularly, eg. a certain amount of money each month. A three-day grace period is in place so that deposits that are made within the first three days of each will earn interest for the whole month. Interest is paid on a monthly basis and members over 65 receive an additional bonus interest. No minimum deposit is required.

T-Bill accounts

These are special accounts that pay higher interest on higher amounts. The interest depends upon the amount of money deposited within $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and higher brackets.