Inserting Card Into ATM


Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) give members 24-hour access to their funds. You can use ATMs to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds, as well as make loan payments. With a Credit Union ATM card members can make deposits and withdrawals at Credit Union ATMs at no charge.

Our Credit Union has both cash dispensing and regular ATM's that operate in English and in Polish. ATM cards are very useful when traveling and can be used at any financial institution which carries the INTERAC symbol.

To use ATMs, you must visit the Credit Union to obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and an ATM Card.

Debit Card

Chip Debit Cards

Distribution of the new Chip Debit Cards to our Credit Union Members began in October 2012.

Interac Flash®

Woman Using a Debit Card on a Contactless Terminal

Pay Securely with Interac Flash®

Everyday purchases made fast and easy

Who knew getting through the checkout line faster could be so safe? You’re good to go with Interac Flash® and a secure tap of your debit card.

So pay in a flash for those groceries or that new top, and take comfort in transaction limits.

How-to: Interac Flash

The wonder of one-step payment: it’s so simple, all you do is tap your card on the terminal. Once you hear the beep, you’re good to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

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