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Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) give members 24-hour access to their funds. You can use ATMs to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds, as well as make loan payments. With a Credit Union ATM card members can make deposits and withdrawals at Credit Union ATMs at no charge.

Our Credit Union has both cash dispensing and regular ATM's that operate in English and in Polish. ATM cards are very useful when traveling and can be used at any financial institution which carries the INTERAC symbol.

To use ATMs, you must visit the Credit Union to obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and an ATM Card.


Chip Debit Cards

Distribution of the new Chip Debit Cards to our Credit Union Members began in October 2012.


A chip debit card contains an embedded computer chip, providing increased protection against debit card skimming and the creation of counterfeit debit cards.

Yes. Chip-enabled Automated Banking Machines and retail terminals will still require that you enter your PIN. The PIN remains a key security element of the transaction.

With chip cards, merchants do not have access to any other data than what they have today with a magnetic stripe card.

The only information that merchants are allowed to store is the basic transaction data, such as the time, date, purchase amount and debit card number. This basic information is necessary in the event that a cardholder requests a trace.

The only information stored from the debit card itself is the debit card number, which alone is not sufficient enough to create a counterfeit card.

Yes. Our Credit Union chip cards will work in countries that utilize chip technology. You will still be able to use your chip debit card in countries that have not yet migrated to chip technology, as our cards contain both a chip and magnetic stripe.

Yes, however the specific timetable for the introduction of chip debit cards will vary from one financial institution to another.

Interac Association has set deadlines for the conversion to chip technology. Magnetic stripe technology will no longer be accepted for Interac branded cards at Automated Banking Machines after December 31, 2012 and at retail terminals after December 31, 2015.

Our Credit Union ATM Card is also a debit card and gives you access to POINT OF SALE Terminals to electronically purchase goods and services.


Interac Flash®

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Pay Securely with Interac Flash®

Everyday purchases made fast and easy

Who knew getting through the checkout line faster could be so safe? You’re good to go with Interac Flash® and a secure tap of your debit card.

So pay in a flash for those groceries or that new top, and take comfort in transaction limits.


How-to: Interac Flash

The wonder of one-step payment: it’s so simple, all you do is tap your card on the terminal. Once you hear the beep, you’re good to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Interac Debit and Interac Flash transactions are approved by the credit union through secure online systems in real-time. Transactions appear instantly on your bank account records, allowing you to monitor your available balance so you can keep track of your spending.

Security is important to us. Chip-enabled Interac Debit and Interac Flash cards are extremely secure and protected from fraud tactics such as skimming, duplicating and electronic pickpocketing. When you make a payment, the only data transmitted consists of payment transaction codes, not confidential details about your bank account. Transactions occur in real time, so no information can be captured by criminals to conduct fraudulent transactions or commit identity theft. 

Interac Debit and Interac Flash are extremely secure forms of payment with sophisticated safeguards and fraud detection tools in place to protect you:

  • Interac debit cards use EMV secure chip processing to store and process data securely. This makes it next to impossible to create counterfeit cards and protects you against fraud tactics such as skimming, transaction replay and electronic pickpocketing.
  • When you use Interac Debit on your mobile device, you enjoy the same security features as your Interac debit card, as well as your device’s standard security measures such as passcode or biometric ID verification.
  • Transaction limits are set at $100 per transaction.  There is also added protection of a cumulative contactless limit set by individual banks or credit unions.  A cumulative limit is the maximum contactless spend limit that can be done by an individual Interac debit card before the user is promoted to reset the limit with a Chip and PIN transaction. This confirms that you are the authorized cardholder.

You are also protected from any losses due to unauthorized transactions under the Interac Zero Liability Policy. If your card is lost or stolen, contact the credit union right away.

While there are multiple safeguards in place, as an Interac debit cardholder, you also play an important role in protecting yourself from fraud:

  • Only you should use your Interac debit card or mobile device to make purchases.
  • Choose a PIN that’s difficult for others to guess, avoiding obvious numbers like your telephone number or birthdate, and don’t share it with anyone.
  • Check your bank statements regularly and immediately report any unusual activity to your bank or credit union.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact your bank or credit union right away.
Interac Flash® is a registered trademark of Interac Inc. used under license. To learn more, visit:

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