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In order to make banking more convenient, the Credit Union introduced a voice-prompted phone banking service allowing you to do your banking over the phone.

This service is available in English, and your accounts are accessible from practically anywhere by way of a touch phone.

To use this service, please visit one of our branches and obtain your security code along with additional information. By using your own security code your banking is done in complete confidentiality.


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Telephone Banking is convenient and FREE of charge.

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Safe and Secure

Bank from the comfort of your own home safely and securely.

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Available 24 / 7

Stay connected to your finances 24/7 without having to visit a branch.

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Here's What You Can Do:


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Check Account Balances

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Check History of Your Accounts

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Transfer Funds

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Pay Your Bills

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Obtain Branch Location Hours

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Obtain Interest Rates

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Change Your Access Code

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Contact Our Call Centre



  1. fill out an application at any Credit Union branch;
  2. get your Security Code and change it to four new digits of your choice;
  3. use Banking by Phone by calling the following number: Toll free: 1-855-POLCU-CA



  1. dial 1-855-POLCU-CA
  2. press 1 for English or 2 for Polish
  3. press 6 for Banking by Phone
  4. press 0 for Account Access
  5. enter your account number, then press #
  6. enter your Security Code, then press #
  7. you will get a Main Menu

In order to authorize the Credit Union to make bill payments from your account, you must fill out an application. These are available at every Credit Union branch.