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ATMs give members 24-hour access to their funds. You can use ATMs to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds, as well as make loan payments. With a Credit Union ATM card members can make deposits and withdrawals at Credit Union ATMs at no charge.

Our Credit Union has both cash dispensing and regular ATM's that operate in English and in Polish. ATM cards are very useful when traveling and can be used at any financial institution which carries the INTERAC symbol.

To use ATMs, you must visit the Credit Union to obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and an ATM Card.

ATM Cards

Chip Debit Cards

Distribution of the new Chip Debit Cards to our Credit Union Members began in October 2012.

What is a chip card?

A chip debit card contains an embedded computer chip, providing increased protection against debit card skimming and the creation of counterfeit debit cards.

Will I still require a PIN?

Yes. Chip-enabled Automated Banking Machines and retail terminals will still require that you enter your PIN. The PIN remains a key security element of the transaction.

What information would a merchant obtain from a chip card versus a magnetic stripe card?

With chip cards, merchants do not have access to any other data than what they have today with a magnetic stripe card.

The only information that merchants are allowed to store is the basic transaction data, such as the time, date, purchase amount and debit card number. This basic information is necessary in the event that a cardholder requests a trace.

The only information stored from the debit card itself is the debit card number, which alone is not sufficient enough to create a counterfeit card.

Will I be able to use my chip card outside of Canada?

Yes. Our Credit Union chip cards will work in countries that utilize chip technology. You will still be able to use your chip debit card in countries that have not yet migrated to chip technology, as our cards contain both a chip and magnetic stripe.

Are all financial institutions moving to chip?

Yes, however the specific timetable for the introduction of chip debit cards will vary from one financial institution to another.

Interac Association has set deadlines for the conversion to chip technology. Magnetic stripe technology will no longer be accepted for Interac branded cards at Automated Banking Machines after December 31, 2012 and at retail terminals after December 31, 2015.

Our Credit Union ATM Card is also a debit card and gives you access to POINT OF SALE Terminals to electronically purchase goods and services.


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